From Finland to Norway: World's happiest countries


This Northern European nation ranks first on World's Happiness Report due to its beauty and bounty


Second as per the ranking, Denmark is a Scandinavian country that is surrounded by numerous islands. The aesthetic beauty of the country is beyond imagination


Third as per the happiness report ranking, Switzerland is many people's favourite tourist destination due to its majestic snow-capped mountains


The scenic beauty of this Nordic island nation in Europe is filled with dramatic landscapes, geysers, springs and volcanoes


Norway is where one gets to witness the Northern Lights! Enjoy the stars dancing in shades of green and blue, making you gape in wonderment

The Netherlands

Sixth on the list, the Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe, famous for its medieval city-like structure that still has managed to successfully retain its vintage appeal


Coastal areas, plains and greenery are what best describes Sweden. This Scandinavian nation has vast forest areas, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly places in the world

New Zealand

This country in Oceania ranks 8th in the list. New Zealand has two main landmasses -  North Island and the South Island. It also comprises as many as 600 small islands


Officially known as the Republic of Austria, this European country has major mountainous areas because it is located around the Alps