Remove Background From Image Using Photoshop

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Remove Background From an Image Using Photoshop

Remove Background From an Image Using Photoshop – In Photoshop, you will find many techniques to remove photo background. With the help of which you can easily remove photo background and make an image with transparent background.

By the way, there are many apps and software available on the internet like that make the task of removing photo background easy. But today let’s talk only on Photoshop.

Incase you don’t have photoshop in your computer simply Download Photoshop from here: Adobe Photoshop CC

Remove Background From an Image Using Photoshop
Remove Background From an Image Using Photoshop

To remove the background of a simple photo, you can easily remove the background by using the Magic Wand tool, all you have to do is select the background and delete it. But this task becomes difficult with some images in which the colors are too much.

You can also use Background Eraser tool for these things. And in a few minutes the photo background will be removed. Let me show you how it will happen.

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Open Image in Photoshop

Put the photo in photoshop. As you can see in the photo some color is different from the clothes of the woman, then that area will be easily selected but the background color gets dangling on the other side, so selecting that area is a bit difficult task.

Select Background Eraser Tool

Now go to Photoshop Toolbox and select Background Eraser Tool. This option is hidden behind the eraser tool, press and hold the button with the eraser tool for a while so that it will come out automatically.

Setting Up tool

In the above tool, make the brush hardness 100% and change the size of the brush according to the photo, because the size of each photo is different, you cannot use such a large size brush in a small size photo, so brush Size according to the photo.

Background Eraser tool Tuneup

In the next tool option, continue sampling and select Find Edges in Limits and set Tolerance to 20-25%

Note: Tolerance tells Photoshop to what extent to clean the dangling color of one color, the more you select it, the more similar color it will clear.

Start Erasing

Now start erasing the background with the help of brush. Clear it easily.

Remove Image Background using Photoshop
Remove Image Background using Photoshop

Note: You keep enlarging the brush according to the need and you can also zoom the photo so that you do not clear the photo by mistake {if anything goes wrong, you can also back it}

Choosing Effective limit and sampling settings

Although I used a small brush to work around the hair and neck area, the Background Eraser tool cleaned up some of the hair and shirt.

Remove Image Background using Photoshop
Remove Image Background using Photoshop

Note: You have to adjust the Sampling andLimits in the photos whose background and the color of the photo are dangling.

That’s why I have reduced smapling to once and limits to Discontinguous and Tolerance to 30% in this photo.

Effective limit and sampling settings photoshop

After this, background removal from your photo will be done easily.

Remove Background from Photo

If there is no background removal even after this, then read this post.

Quick Mask or Pen Tool

Sometimes due to the color of the photo and background, sometimes it gets edited incorrectly.

Remove Image Background Quick Mask

In this photo because the photo and background color are same, so I will use pen tool. With the help of pen tool, I will select that area and delete it.

Remove Background from Image using Pen tool

In this way the background will be removed from this photo. Now I can save it. Final photo will be like this

Image Background Removal

Note: Save the photo in PNG


If you are working with a simple photo then you can easily edit it using background eraser tool but if it is a difficult photo you have to use Photoshop.

In which the background color and the color of the photo are matching, there you will have to mix and use the tools because there the color of the photo is the same as the background color, so there is a little problem in removing the photo background back.

And yes you have to save the photo in PNG format only.

Tip: You can also remove background of photo by using Pen Tool, you just have to select background and then delete it, this will remove your photo background in few seconds. This is a very easy method but you will have to master it a little and it may take you some time but it is a very easy way.

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