RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol

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RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) – In simple words, RDP is a software or tool with the help of which any Windows Computer connected in the network can be run on other Windows computers. With the help of Remote Desktop Protocol, you will be able to remotely access LAN (Local Area Network) and any computer connected to the Internet in your computer.

RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

RDP Server (VPS Server) is used by many Blogger, Internet Marketer, Movies Up loader, Movies Encoder and Webmaster. Because RDP Server can be run anywhere with the help of internet and its internet speed and performance is good.

There is a lot of misinformation about RDP on the Internet. Due to which people feel that RDP is a computer whose performance and internet speed is very good. But it is nothing, Remote Desktop Protocol is nothing more than a tool. It is used only to remotely access one computer server to another computer.

What is RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

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What is RDP ?Full form of RDP is “Remote Desktop Protocol”. The work of RDP (Terminal Services Client) is to connect two computers. One computer is “Remote Desktop Server” and the other is “Desktop Client”. You can connect any remote desktop server connected to the local area network and the Internet to your computer.

How RDP Works?

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RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) With the help of RDP we can remotely run any desktop computer (RDP Server, Windows VPS) in our computer in a network connection (Internet or LAN). We can control remote desktop computers completely through RDP.

With the help of Terminal Services Client, if you want to access any Computer Remotely. So it is important that the desktop server should be in the same LAN network. Or the remote server’s IP address should be Static IP.

RDP Server works on TCP port 3389 and UDP port 3389. Therefore it is necessary to have these TCP Ports and UDP Ports open in your Computer Firewall. Otherwise your server will not accept external Connection Request.

Uses Of RDP

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Understand this, the only use of RDP is to connect one Computer Server with another Computer Client. So that you can run anything in another computer.

You can run Home Computer with the help of Internet Connection from anywhere. And you can also run another person’s computer sitting at home. Even if the server is in any country.

  • You can run another person’s computer from your computer.
  • If you work as Technical Support, then you can fix your client’s computer by running it remotely.
  • Even from outside the home computer can be run.
  • You can also connect to VPS Server with RDP.
  • Blogger and Webmaster High Speed ​​Downloading and Uploading can be done from RDP VPS Server.
  • Movie Encoding and Editing can also be done with the help of Encoding RDP.
  • Live streaming can also be done on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch with the help of Streaming RDP.
  • Due to having VPS Root Access on Admin RDP, all kinds of software can be installed in it.
  • Movies Hosting Website can also be created with the help of Offshore VPS Server.
  • RDP Server can also be used as Web Hosting and Cloud Storage.
  • Cryptocurrency mining can also be done in dedicated GPU RDP.
  • Offshore RDP is used by hackers for Hacking, Carding and Online illegal Activities.
  • Dedicated Server can also be used as Data Mining and VPN Server.
  • Digital Marketer uses RDP Server to run multiple social media accounts and online advertisements such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

How to Connect With RDP Server

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RDP Server Connection Setup is very easy and there are many ways to connect two computers in Same network or over LAN. You can also connect two devices with the help of TeamViewer, Terminal Services Client i.e Remote Desktop Connection App is also provided inside Windows OS With which you can connect to another device.

To connect to RDP Session Host Server, you must have RDP Server IP Address, RDP Server Username and RDP Server Password Address. Or you can also use RDP Server File (.rdp File).

And if you have not got any password, then in that case use Default Username and Password – Administrator.

Remote Desktop Connection in Windows OS

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  1. Press the Windows button on your Windows computer.
  2. Search in it “Remote Desktop Connection App” and open it.
  3. Enter the Server Static IP Address in it.
  4. And click on the Connect button.
  5. After this, a window will appear in front of you after 5-6 seconds.
  6. Fill the RDP Server Username and RDP Server Password.
  7. On being connected, the option of Certificate will come up and make it “Accept / Allow”.
  8. Now you have Successfully done RDP Connection setup.

Remote Desktop Connection In Mac OS

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  1. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop Client App in Apple Computer. (Download Link)
  2. Open the Remote Desktop Client and go to the Connection Center.
  3. Press the “+” button and go to the Desktop option.
  4. Enter Server IP Address instead of PC Name.
  5. Put Server Username and Password in the User Account.
  6. And save it.
  7. Go to Current Saved RDP Account and click on it twice.
  8. Verify / Allow Connection Certificate.
  9. This will start your Remote Server Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection In Linux OS

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  1. Search and open Linux Remote Desktop Client.
  2. Press the “New” option.
  3. Fill in the RDP Host Server IP Address, Username and Password and press the “Connect” button.
  4. Allow “RDP Connection Certificate”.
  5. Your Window Server Remote Connection has been established.

Remote Desktop Connection In Android

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  1. Open Play Store on Android Smartphone.
  2. Search and download Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  3. Open the application and press “+” Icon.
  4. Enter your Server Static IP, Username and Password here.
  5. Save the server configuration and connect.
  6. Allow Server Connection Certificate.
  7. After this your Android RDP Connection is done.

Free RDP Server

  • rabb.it
  • AppOnFly (1 Month Free)
  • Amazon AWS (1 Month Trial)
  • Digital Ocean (10$, 50$, 100$ Coupon)
  • Google Cloud Platform (300$ Trail Bonus)
  • Google Cloud Platform (Expensive)
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • Amazon AWS
  • HostBubble.NET
  • offshore-servers.com
  • libertyvps.net
  • BestBuyRDP.COM
  • 99RDP.COM
  • RDPArena.COM
  • BuyCheapRDP.COM
  • SandeemRDP.COM
  • MonoVM.COM
  • Contabo.COM
  • RDPZone.Com

RDP Server Types

  • Basic RDP Server
  • Encoding RDP Server
  • Admin RDP Server
  • Encoding Admin RDP Server
  • Streaming RDP Server
  • Offshore RDP Server
  • Cyrptocurrency Mining RDP Server
  • Botting RDP Server
  • Mailing RDP Server
  • Sneaker RDP Server
  • Carding RDP Server

What is RDP Server Internet Speed?

RDP Server’s Internet Speed ​​will depend on your hosting company.

Can we install Video Editing and Editing Software in RDP Windows Server?

Yes, but for this you will need Encoding Admin RDP Server.

Can we play Game on RDP Server?

Yes, of course, but then you will need a GPU server.

How does RDP Server appear?

RDP Server is a computer and looks like a computer.

Can we do live streaming on RDP Server?

Yes, you can do live streaming from any VPS server. But if you want to do Gaming and Live Streaming together then you will need Dedicated GPU Server.

How much RDP Server Cost?

RDP Server Pricing Starts from 5$ and increase according to RDP Specifications.

This Article Explain about RDP -Remote Desktop Protocol. Hoping you got the best information about rdp server and its uses. For More awesome informative article follow this website.

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