What is a PBN? Private Blog Network in SEO

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Private Blog Network

What is PBN? If you do any work related to blogging or website, then you must have come across the word PBN at some point or the other. You must have wondered what is this force, which keeps coming up again and again. So friends, don’t take too much tension. WE will explain everything to you in complete detail.

Private Blog Network

Although some experts say (who have been working in PBNs for a long time) that it is very easy to create PBNs, but it is very difficult to handle them. And it becomes even more difficult when you have a very large network. But first let us tell you that what is this? And what does it work for? So let’s get started.

PBN – Private Blog Network

You can also call PBN as Private Blog Network. To tell in simple language, PBN is made up of many blogs. PBN is not a witchcraft, it is also like a simple blog.

The Full Form of PBN is Private Blog Network

For example, I have a blog, so here it is – Blog. In the same way, I have 10-15 more blogs, so by combining all these I have a network which I will call Blog Network. Now you know that these are all my blogs.

But if I hide the identity of all these from you. Or I can say that my brother is running a blog in his name, a blog is run by my uncle’s boy in his name and my aunt’s boy in his own name.

In this way all my blogs are resistered by different names. All these blogs belong to me but I have hidden their identity from you. So all these became private. So in this way I have a private blog network.

So to say simple language, PBN becomes a network by combining many blogs. In which the identity of all blogs is private. All these together form a private blog network.

Note: All blogs in PBNs are of good quality. Expired domain is used to create almost PBN network.

Note: It is not necessary that there are only blogs in the private blog network. You can also create PBNs using Web2.0.

I hope you have understood what is PBN? If you have any question then ask by commenting.

Why People build Private Blog Network

It is understood that what is PBN? But you must be still thinking that brother, what is its work? What will one do by creating a blog network? And what is the advantage of PBN network? Many such questions must be arising in your mind.

Friends, let me tell you that there can be many reasons for creating a blog network. But the main reason for the private blog network is the same. The main purpose of private blog network is only one and that is “Backlink”

Yes, private blog networks are used to create backlinks. Because all your blogs are private. And when you give backlinks to any blog/website from those blogs, then Google Baba thinks that it is getting backlinks from other great sites.

So the respect of that site increases in the eyes of Google. Which is beneficial to that website. But Google does not know that all these are your own blogs. Because all those blogs have been kept private.

Also because the authority of your blogs is good. So whenever you give a backlink to a blog or website, it becomes Link Juice Pass. Meaning the authority of that blog also increases. Which helps to rank that website.

Its main purpose is for link building.

Note: Did you know that you can sell a quality backlink from 10$ to 500$ in the internet market. And some people charge every month for backlinks.

Question: Can I earn extra money by adding Adsense with PBN?

Answer: Yes, if it is about 5 to 6 blogs, then you can apply, but you will have to apply different AdSense on all the blogs. Because we have to hide our identity from Google. Otherwise Google will find out. Because Google has been tracking us all the time. But when it comes to 200-400 blogs then this task becomes difficult. The accident happened because caution was taken.

Friends, I hope you like this post of “What is PBN (Private Blog Network)?” Would have liked And you must have got to learn something. If you want to share this post on social media then do share it.

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