Morpho RD Service Device Driver Download For Windows & Android

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Morpho RD Service Device Driver Download For Windows and Android

Morpho RD Service Device Driver Download is must for Biometric Fingerprint devices. As per guidelines, only registered biometric device can used for fingerprint authentication. Download RD Service Driver and Install for smooth working of Morpho Fingerprint Scanner.

What is RD Service?

Morpho RD Service Device Driver Download For Windows and Android
Morpho RD Service Device Driver Download For Windows and Android

The Registered Device (RD) Service keeps security at the forefront by allowing secure registration of all devices without storing any data on the device. RD Service provides certification to the device and provides end to end security at all steps from signing in, biometric capture (user preview) and encryption of data for a streamlined registration process.

Without Morpho RD Service Driver Installation, Fingerprint biometric device will not run in any computer or android. A Fingerprint Biometric Device whitelisting Service use for CSC, AEPS, Jeevanpramaan, PayNearby, EKYC, Banking Service, Ayushmaan Bharat, Nova Pay, E-attendance and SBI, etc.

Morpho 1300 E3, Morpho 1300 E2 and Morpho 1330 E are most used Morpho RD Service Device across the country. Some other RD Services like Mantra RD Service, Secugen RD Service, Startek RD Service are also used for biometric authentication.

Download Morpho RD Service Device Driver For Windows

From here you can download morpho rd service device driver for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 bit and 64 bit) This Morpho RD Service Software is Updated and 100 % Working. After Installation of Morpho RD Service in PC Please restart your computer.

Morpho RD Service Device Driver for Windows

Morpho RD Service Installation on Windows

  1. Run ‘MorphoRdServiceL0SoftSetup.exe’ with administrator rights to install the RD Service and follow the instruction in setup wizard to complete the installation.
  2. On successful installation, please make sure following path is created on C Drive with 35 files
  3. To check the RD Service is running , please run following command on Run Window in Administrative Mode “netstat –ab
  4. In case of successful installation, following RD Service status would be shown
  5. Plug-in the MORPHO Biometric Fingerprint Device. If MORPHO USB driver is installed successfully, the device would be detected (light will be blinked for fraction of second).
  6. After running the business application which is integrated with MORPHO RD Service, it will prompt to enter One-time-token may appear if the connected device is not whitelisted at SCPL RD management server. Enter the provided token for RD Service to launch successfully.

Download Morpho RD Service Device Driver For Android

Morpho RD Service Device driver App is also needed in android smartphone. Download Morpho RD Service Driver for Android Smartphone from given download link. Simply download and install given app and use RD Service Device without any issue.

The RD service Solution is made as a compliance as per the UIDAI’s latest specifications having version 2.5. This version is used by the Android Applications in which Aadhaar based services are being used by the help of biometric devices.

App NameMorpho SCL RDService
App VersionV1.1.5

Morpho RD Service Device Driver for Android

Morpho RD Service Installation on Android

  1. Download Android RD Service V1.1.5 apk in phone storage.
  2. Go to phone settings – Security – Unknown sources – check.
  3. Click on apk file and install it.
  4. Please ensure the devices is not the Rooted.
  5. Now Connect Morpho 1300 Device with you android smartphone.

Enable HTTPS communication between Application and RD Service

Please use following Steps

  1. Set value ‘CommunicationMode:0′ iN ‘C:\MorphoRdServiceL0Soft\ConfigSettings.ini’ file to enable Https communication in Morpho RD Service.
  2. Keep the Bank/Merchant’s server certificate file at ‘C:\MorphoRdServiceL0Soft\’ named as ‘server.crt’. Certificate must be in pem format.
  3. Keep the Bank/Merchant’s server private key file at ‘C:\MorphoRdServiceL0Soft\’ named as ‘server.key’. Private key must be in pem format.
  4. Rename ‘’ as Bank/Merchant’s URL to which certificate is issued, in the host file of the windows present at ‘C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc’. Update this URL in the calling Javascript functions given in the MorphoRDServiceTestPage.html.

How to fix Morpho RD Service Unable to Detect Problem?

Please Reinstall Morpho RD Service Driver properly and restart your device.

How to fix Morpho RD Service Device fetching biometric error?

Disconnect Morpho RD Service Device and Reconnect.

Which biometric device models are certified as a Registered Device?

The Morpho 1300 E, Morpho 1300 E2, Morpho 1300 E3 are certified as a Registered Device.

How can I get my Morpho RD Service device whitelisted?

Go to and follow the process for device whitelisting. In case of bulk device (i.e. devices count is more than 100) whitelisting, please contact your respective account manager with SCL and perform certain formalities and get device whitelisted.

How to fix RD Service Key or Certificate for https not Found Error?

It shows that the required certificate and key for HTTPS communication at required path “C:\MorphoRdServiceL0Soft\ConfigSettings.ini” is missing. Please put the certificate on mentioned path.

Hope above given Morpho RD Service Device Driver for Windows and Android Download Link works for You. Now you can use you Morpho biometric device in computer and android mobile without any issue. Morpho RD Service Utility Installation makes you device certified for all app which need biometric authentication. If you face any kind of error while installation of RD Service just comment below and we will solve you query ASAP. More software downloads can found here at Free Software Download.

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