CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Approval Guide [2021]

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CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Approval Guide

CrakRevenue is a Trusted CPA Network that is at the top of the Best Adult CPA Networks list. If any Newbie CPA Marketer is Finding an Adult CPA Networks then CrakRevenue is the Best CPA Network for Adult CPA. Anyone can get their Crakrevenue Account Approval by creating a Crackrevenue Account.

CrakRevenue – Best Adult CPA Network

CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Approval Guide
CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Approval Guide

Marketers can also advertise their Adult Product/Service on Crakrevenue and can also earn money from Affiliate Adult CPA Marketing. Getting Crakrevenue Account Approval is a bit difficult but can be done easily.

What is crackrevenue? How to Create Crackrevenue Account? How to get Crackrevenue Account Approval done. How to earn money from CPA Marketing.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Creation & Approval

You must have a Crakrevenue Approved Account to use Crakrevenue CPA Offers. After which you can use Crakrevenue Smartlink and Adult CPA Offers.

Go to the “CrakRevenue Affiliate Sign Up” page by clicking on the given button.

Join CrakRevenue

You will get a Signup Form as shown in the photo below. In this you have to enter your First Name, Last Name, Company Name (not required), Email ID and Password. Then click on “I’m Not a Robot”. Then click on “I’m In”.

CrakRevenue Affiliates Create Account From

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email ID from CrakRevenue Email ID. Confirm your CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Email by clicking on “Confirm Email” as shown in the photo below.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Email Confirmation

After confirming the email, you will go to the next page i.e. “Tell us About You” page. Here you have to enter your information. Like CPA Offers Type, Traffic Types, Contact Etc. Print it exactly as you see in the photo below.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Traffc Offer Type Information

On the “Tell Us About You” page, you have to fill in all your information. Well it is your choice, you can fill it however you want. But if you fill it as mentioned below, then 100% CrakRevenue Account will be Confirmed Approved.

  • I am a – Media Buyer (You can also fill in Webmaster or Social Media, but then you will have to show Accounts/Websites)
  • I Wish To Promote – Cam, Dating & Smart link
  • Most of My Traffic Comes From – Asia (Other Countries should also be filled)
  • I am Looking for Specific Offer – No
  • My Country of Residence is – India (Choose your country)
  • My Skype ID – YourSkypeID (Enter Skype ID in this)
  • My Phone Number is – +91xxxxxxxxxx (Enter your phone number)
  • Promo Code – (Leave Blank)
  • Click on “Join CrakRevenue Now”

Your application form will be submitted as soon as the message “Thank You For Registering” arrives. And CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Approval will also come in three business days. And you will also get an email for this.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Aprroval Confirmation

You will get an email like the photo shown above. This will mean that your account has been approved. Now you can check Crakrevenue Offers. You can also use Crackrevenue Smartlink.

Update your Billing Information by going to CrakRevenue Account Profile.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Account Profile Billing Information

Here you have to enter your Billing Information. Enter Payment Method, Minimum Payout and your Personal Information and click on Save Changes.

You will get payment on (NET 30, NET 15 & NET 7) Basis. Minimum Payout for NET 30, NET 15 is 100$. And Minimum Payout for NET 7 is 500$.

If you face any problem on CrakRevune then you can chat with CrakRevenue Customer Support and you can also comment below. You will be given the answer as soon as possible.

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