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Government of India is taking all necessary steps to ensure that the nation is prepared to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing contagion of COVID-19. The exemplary groundwork and precaution advisory by the Government has helped in containing the spread of the virus in our country.

At present, the priority is to make COVID -19 vaccine available to all, ensuring vaccine traceability and beneficiary tracking from production to last mile administration.

CoWIN Vaccination Registration

COVID-19 vaccination drive has been initiated to cover healthcare and frontline workers and is to be scaled up to cover citizens above 45 years of age. Co-WIN application is the digital back bone for the vaccination drive in India. With scaling up of vaccination; the number of vaccination facilities and sessions has to be increased and managed effectively.

CoWIN Vaccine Registration Process
CoWIN Vaccine Registration Process

The CO-WIN application will facilitate the citizen with an option to register and schedule the vaccination session online in Centers of their choice. The Citizen self-registration module will ensure fool-proof identification of deserving candidates for receiving the vaccines.

The Co-WIN application facilitates multiple role creations for orchestrating vaccination drive at various levels. The objective of the document is to handhold the citizens to register and schedule an appointment for vaccination. Currently, COVID 19 Vaccination application is open for Citizens aged 18 years and above.

What is CoWIN?

Co-WIN is a platform for the citizens of India to Register for COVID-19 vaccination and schedule their vaccination slots at the nearest vaccination centers.

Citizen Registration and Appointment for CoWIN Vaccination

CoWIN Vaccination Registration

  1. Go to the url and click on “Register/Sign In yourself” tab
  2. Enter valid mobile number. Click on “Get OTP” button.
  3. OTP is sent at the phone number via SMS.Enter the OTP within 180 seconds and click on “Verify” button.
  4. Once the OTP is validated, the “Register for Vaccination” page appears•
  5. Enter details required in page
  6. The below table shows the details to be entered in the “Register for Vaccination” page. Please note that all fields in this Form are Mandatory
  7. Once the details are entered for registration, Click “Register” Button at the bottom right. In last user will Receive a Confirmation message on successful registration.

Add More Members for COVID 19 Vaccination

  1. Once registration is completed; the system will show the “Account Details.
  2. Citizen can further add 3 more people linked with this mobile number by clicking on “Add More” button at the bottom right side of the Page.

Booking Appointment for CoWIN Vaccination

  1. Citizen can schedule Appointment from the “Account Details” page
  2. Click on “Schedule” button for Booking Vaccination Appointment
  3. System navigates to “Book Appointment for Vaccination” page
  4. Search the Vaccination Centre of choice by District or Pin code
  5. On clicking “Search” button, system will display below the list of CoWIN Vaccination centre as per Search Criteria and based on State’s Age policy
  6. Centre Names available nearby as per state/district or pincode entered will be displayed
  7. On clicking any centre at the panel, the available slots (date and capacity) will be displayed
  8. Once “Book” button is clicked, the “Appointment Confirmation” page is displayed
  9. Click “Confirm” button after verifying the details for final confirmation on booking
  10. Once confirmed, the confirmation page with “Appointment Successful” message will be displayed.

Rescheduling an Appointment for CoWIN

  1. Once the Appointment is fixed, it can be cancelled and rescheduled at any later stage but before the vaccination appointment day.
  2. For this, Re-login to “Citizen Registration” module; with your already registered mobile no.

Booking appointment for CoWIN Dose 2

  1. The process for booking appointment is similar as Dose 1
  2. Citizen can schedule Appointment for Dose 2 from the “Account Details” page
  3. Click on “Schedule” button for Booking Vaccination Appointment
  4. System navigates to “Book Appointment for Vaccination” page
  5. Search the Vaccination Centre of choice by District or Pin code
  6. Once appointment Centre, date and time slot have been selected, click on “Confirm”
  7. Appointment successful page will be displayed.
  8. Appointment for second dose will be reflected in the account details page
  9. Citizen can Cancel, Reschedule, or print appointment slip for dose 2 appointment from this page.

What to do while CoWIN Vaccination

  1. Register and schedule your vaccination inadvance
  2. Register online through Co-WIN OR Aarogya Setu OR UMANG platform
  3. Register against only one phone number and one proof of ID
  4. Carry ID proof when you go for vaccination
  5. Carry as ID proof the same ID document used for registration
  6. Search for nearest vaccination centre online from Co-WIN OR Aarogya Setu or Umang and select centre convenient for vaccination
  7. To receive Health ID as part of registration for vaccination, give your consent Reach Vaccination Centre on the specified date and time
  8. Wait for 30 minutes at the vaccination centre
  9. after vaccination Inform vaccination centre if any side effect(s) is experienced within 30 minutes
  10. Inform Helpline Number: +91-11-23978046 (Toll free- 1075) in case of any side effect after leaving vaccination centre
  11. Continue precautions of social distancing and wearing masks

What do not do while CoWIN Vaccination

  1. Walk-in without appointment
  2. One-person register in multiple platforms
  3. One-person register using multiple phone number and multiple ID proof
  4. Consume alcohol or other intoxicants on the day of vaccination
  5. Panic in case of side effects
  6. Register again for second dose

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