Card Sharing – Complete Information About Satellite Cardsharing

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Card Sharing is a Method to share legitimate Subscription smart Card over a Network. In Simple Word In Card Sharing we can share our smartcard access to anyone via a network anywhere in the world. With Cardsharing we can access paid/encrypted channels for free on multiple set top box receiver with One subscription.

Card Sharing

Card Sharing is illegal and banned in multiple countries. Even Multiple Card Sharing Providers taken down from time to time. In Card Sharing its possible to Share multiple cards over Internet and some people are making good business out of it.

How Card Sharing Works?

As Everybody know to access paid channels we need a valid subscription Card. In Cardsharing our Linux based Card Sharing Server share channel decryption codes every second. End user receiver download channel decryption code and play the channel for you. But channel decryption code changes every second, in that case internet connection must be good on both side. Delay in decryption codes lead to freeze images.

Card Sharing Protocols/Decoders/Emulators

For Accessing Card Sharing Information we use multiple cardsharing Protocol/emulators (Decoders) like CCCam, MGCam, NewCam, OSCam, PowerVU, Biss Key and DSCam. CCCam, NewCam, MGCam are Most used Card sharing protocols.

  1. CCCam
  2. MGCam
  3. NewCam
  4. OSCam
  5. DSCam


CCCam is one of most famous used card sharing protocol. CCcam stands for Client Card Conditional Access Module. This is also known as “emulator or Softcam”. This protocol is used by Oscam to connect various cards to oscam. It is a communication protocol. It allows to send or receive information between different set-top boxes.

It is also used to watch premium paid Satellite TV channels by cardsharing or Linux based receivers. CCcam is closed source. The only defect of this protocol is that it do not have cache system, which means that for each user request of ecm, cccam demands ecm from card which increases burden on card and increases ecm glitch.


Newcamd supports only one card (CAID) per port. If you have setup two satellite then you need to get two N-Lines with two different ports for your receiver.

Newcamd is best stable protocol, it takes less data than any other protocols.


Latest and containing rich in features protocol named Mgcamd is one of the best among all the above protocols. Mgcamd allow you to add new card without rebooting or resetting your client. Furthermore this protocol will never stop or interrupt user subject to interference of the admin.

Also Not all DTH Set top box Support these cardsharing decoders because of legal issues. So Must have to buy CCCam Set top box for card Sharing.

Card Sharing Prices

CCCam C Lines, NEWCam C Lines, MGCam C Lines Price Vary from seller to seller and based on quality. But Mostly CCCam Clines Price Start From 1$ per month for hd channel and goes higher for 4k channels.

Most of cccam providers provide free c lines for testing.

We are not saying that go and buy card sharing boxes. But Card Sharing holds very big user base because of its cheap price tags. But We Suggest Users to stay safe and use legit OTT and IPTV Services.

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